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About Me

In my practice I provide humor, gentle challenging, creative interventions and non-judgmental support to help you create a more fulfilling life. I work with a culturally sensitive lens and honor all identities and abilities in all bodies. I create spaces where people feel safe to heal. I work from a holistic, strengths-based, somatically trained (connecting the mind body connection), sex positive, and LGBTQ+ affirmative perspective to support a sense of safety in sessions. Who you are is important and I want to work with you in understanding, accepting and integrating your identity, mind, emotions, body and spirit. What I have learned thus far, is that my clients are all different and come with their unique experiences of life. I feel honored to be your guide. I continuously keep learning, and have an open mind to your experience and help make meaning of it. Therapy can feel intimidating and overwhelming but having a person to walk along side you can help with the journey of healing. I am rooted in connection with others. I believe change happens when one feels safe, connected and understood. 


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